143441, MO, Putilkovo, 69 km. MKAD, BC "Greenwood", 19
143441, MO, Putilkovo, 69 km. MKAD, BC "Greenwood", 19



is an innovative company providing a wide range of services in 3D technologies, metalworking and custom-made parts.


IMPORTPROM LLC is a leading supplier of innovative 3D and high-tech CNC metalworking equipment for the needs of industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Representative offices of the company are located in many cities of the Russian Federation. All supplied equipment meets the high requirements of general, medium and heavy engineering. The line of high-tech equipment allows you to effectively solve any production problems by supplying, implementing, servicing equipment, related components, as well as high-precision tools from leading world manufacturers. A preliminary assessment of the buyer's needs makes it possible to prepare a reasonable specification for the supply of technological equipment, tooling and tools, software and hardware.


A team of highly qualified engineers, technologists, programmers is the pride and strength of our company. The level of qualification of specialists allows to cope with any technical or technological task: commissioning of new equipment, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the supplied equipment, repair of equipment of the turning and milling group of third-party manufacturers, reverse engineering, development of technology for manufacturing parts, 3D scanning, 3D printing, writing managers programs, post-processing, development and production of tooling. Our technical specialists have higher specialized education and constant practice in installation, installation, start-up and adjustment of 3D equipment and CNC machines. In addition, employees undergo regular advanced training and internships, and are in constant contact with the service and technical departments of our partners. The vast majority of the engineering and technical personnel of our company have been certified by manufacturers.


Business card IMPORTPROM LLC is a modern production complex equipped with 3D equipment, precision equipment, CNC metalworking equipment, turning and milling sections, measuring machines, electroerosive machining, electroplating department, etc. The main activities of the complex: production of complex parts and prefabricated units for civil aviation and aircraft engine building, shipbuilding, calculation and modeling, design work, creation and implementation of processing technologies and control programs for CNC machines, production of tooling, tools, as well as any other wide range of similar works.

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